New England Fall 101

Though this is my second fall living in New England, I don’t think I truly had a quintessential New England fall – or other season, for that matter – experience until this weekend.  If you hadn’t already noticed (you did), I have a tendency to write a lot.  So just as I’m excited to share every single one of my fall findings, here’s my first experiment in short posts, more pics.

Ingredients of a PROPER NEW ENGLAND FALL WEEKEND: (All caps intended. They’re all about this season, folks)

  • Post up in towns with charming or old-sounding names.  How about Harvard? (not the college)
  • Find excuses to drink copious amounts of beer during the middle of the day.  Even if that beer is found at a winery.  (Might I suggest the Special Reserve saison by Nashoba Valley Winery.)
  • Pick apples (I can’t emphasize this enough).  This can occur at the drinking site, one stop down the road, or one stop down the road from that.
  • Have an apple cider doughnut, which is surely made on the premises as well.  Never consider going to Krispy Kreme again (but you already did that the moment you moved to New England and found out that it has zero presence in the region, thanks to the insane devotion to Dunkin’ Donuts).
  • Bake an apple pie to cut into the top layer of 1/2 bushel of apples you now own.  Wash this down with apple cider.
  • Be sure to visit ponds that are the size of lakes.
  • Consider going out for 9 holes (Well, that is, if you’re the type of New Englander who went to Groton. Substitute with some reference to the Pats otherwise).  I am still Californian, evidently, and figured I would go running.  In true weekender style, I did neither.
  • And, though this was unfortunately just barely the case last weekend… revel in the eye-popping beauty of deep red, ’80s orange, goldenrod, maroon, and full-on bright red leaves that fall welcomes more and more by the day.  It truly is stunning.  Evidence of this to come.

Though I might not relish the taste of apples again for several weeks, I must admit this weekend in the woods and playing around outside and in the kitchen was just as relaxing as the first days of my grand Adriatic vacation two weeks ago.  Nicely, beautifully done, New England.

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