Music to Make You [Walk/Run/Ride] Like A Maniac

So, I got back to the long run this week.  Yes, even after just three short jogs in the week post-half marathon, I decided to push for ten miles today.  The running motivation is back, folks!

I feared, though, that it was going to be slow going.  I could hardly get my shoes on during the day I first attempted to run last week.  But I know how to play mind games with myself (see my recent post, of course), let me tell you.  So I put on my favorite Lady Gaga song of late, just to kind of get me dancing in my seat at home.  Five songs in, I was ready.

And as soon as I got out, even with a little discomfort, and the promise that I wouldn’t run that far, I found my rhythm.  Kept it up for a proper long run, even.

So, I write to share the list that inspired me to get back to/stay on the road so soon after my back-pain/fainting-scare race.  And look forward to adding to it as I remind myself that running is nearly – very nearly! – as fun as dancing for me.

The current Maniac Music list (will come up with better name in future months, I promise), in dorky alphabetical order (by song – keeps it fresh when it pops up on the iPod, I tell ya):

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