New England Folklore: Fall Foliage Maps

Just in time for our second fall season around New England, I’ve learned a few key things that the locals must have been withholding from me during my trial year.

First, as previously mentioned, apple cider doughnuts.  And I hardly ever think to reach for doughnuts.  But these… sigh… are unmissable.  NOTE:  Must be consumed on a cute country farm.

Second, and even more recently, was the phenomenon of fall foliage maps.  Brilliant, brilliant move, New England!  Just as family and friends come streaming in from the opposite coast to catch the leaves – and Boston has hardly produced any color just yet – I have been wondering where to head, or just how far this “day trip” will be.

Then a local friend casually mentioned the foliage map… How could I have missed these??

Without further ado, some favorites:

You’re still probably wondering why I am so darn excited about this particular phenomenon – be it the maps or the leaves, I suppose.  But something that was a tremendous, wonderful surprise last autumn was just how breathtaking this swath of color really is.  I felt like a kid at her first fireworks show any time I drove around/walked among newly-orange/red/yellow/maroon/speckled trees – exclamations of “Wow!” and “Ooooooh!” included.  My pictures and my words simply can’t capture it.

So I actually do hope you use these maps, and go out and learn why it seems as though all New Englanders are simply enamored with fall.  Though I have a hard time letting go of the balmy, warm evenings of Boston summer, I have to say that fall here makes that transition much easier.


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