A Month Without Coffee

Yes, you read that heading correctly.  I’ll explain why.

Just under a month ago, I picked up the latest copy of Outside, intrigued by the mention of their “Guide to Life” on the cover, including such teasers as seeing the world, building a mountain cabin, and brewing your own beer.  Yes, please.  To all of the above.

And the list didn’t disappoint, I’m happy to say.  I recognize my own bias in even picking up Outside in the first place.  But several items on their list inspired me so much I actually took to my journal, to make sure I recorded a couple to indeed take on, and to also think about the ones I’ve had a chance to accomplish so far.

Perhaps the most immediate take-away, though, was #44 – Give Something Up.  Verbatim:

Give Something Up. For a month.  And preferably something you think you can’t live without.  Like dessert.  TV.  Coffee.  Driving.  Diet Coke.  Meat.  That wasn’t so hard now, was it?  Next month, give up something else.

So, just as both of our eyes made it to that entry, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “How about coffee?”

Even though I didn’t even have a chance to sip one last grand, Diesel latte before taking the plunge, I said “Yes.”

And although I can hardly wait to hear the coffee grinder whirring tomorrow, and to greet the day with a beloved cup of joe made from Barismo, I’m still really glad we did it.


  • Of course, any act of will power, or even just of consuming more consciously, is good.  I also don’t give up things for Lent, so here’s my chance.
  • Turns out, chai tea lattes are insanely delicious.  Probably so much sugar that one should never consume on an empty stomach, but still.
  • I have slept better.  Though I never thought that I consumed too much caffeine before, and certainly never felt dependent, I now realize that two cups of French press and probably some coffee if I visit a cafe in the afternoon … adds up.  I started going to sleep earlier, and sleeping sounder almost immediately.
  • Tealuxe, Harvard Square.  Just go in and smell the place.

So, what now?

Yes, I’m itching to have coffee again tomorrow morning.  But now I see how much more of that is motivated by the taste, and the ritual of it.

The new plan:

  • Have French press in the morning…  but probably not all mornings.
  • Get delicious beverages during my afternoon cafe stops…  but make them decaf, whatever they are.
  • Stick to one cup of caffeinated coffee/espresso per day at most.
  • Revel in every single vanilla latte I have!
While the new resolutions are admittedly rather simple, I have even just been grateful for the opportunity to think about what I’m consuming.  To appreciate it when I do.  Think about why I want something.  And even mess around with just what it does to me (especially whether or not I want it to affect me in such ways).

Next month?  Perhaps don’t have meat until dinner – even if brunch bacon tempts me.  Thank you, Mr. Bittman.
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