I bet you were just dying to find out how the return to coffee went today.  Well, thank you for asking!

Let’s just say that I was THINKING IN CAPS AND EXCLAMATIONS ALL MORNING LONG!!!  Believe me, be grateful I’m not writing this post during that period.

I really wouldn’t have put money on how much the cup of French press affected me this morning.  As my boyfriend aptly put it, it kind of felt like we were on drugs – or as close to that feeling as I can infer from, um, not having done them.

I could have probably hopped around the room for 3-4 hours, and instead took that energy out on at 5.5-mile run this morning, at quite the pace.  Nearing the very end of the run, a grinning older gentleman (wearing an old man track jacket, making me hope he was once quite the outdoorsy fellow) pointed at me and exclaimed, “I don’t think I was ever that fast!  Keep it up!”  Well that done made my day.

Lessons?  Stick to one cup of coffee per day, if that…  Make weaker French press.  And, hey, maybe hold off on coffee for the month before I run the next half marathon.  I felt like a machine!

I bet you also stayed up all night wondering which other items on Outside‘s grand list really got to me.  Sure, I’ll share.

When I took to my journal to try to process my thoughts on the list – especially given that it inspired some immediate changes – I broke it down into the following:

(By the way, I’m including the neat little footnotes in the paper article, which included reader suggestions for some great life list items as well)


(Though shall vow to keep up)

I told you it’s a great list…

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