I Heart… Podcasts

Yes, I said it, folks.  I… love… podcasts.  Adore them.  Almost cannot wait to wash dishes and tidy the kitchen just for the opportunity to get a 20-minute dose of Stuff You Missed in History Class.  (Nerd alert!)

And, yes, I realize a large part of the point of this blog is to share my various urban adventures/discoveries.  But what’s at my side every time I set out?  The trusty iPod, freshly synced with my podcast list.

Podcasts help pass the time on a long walking jaunt, or even marathon run.  But the reason they’re my companion many other times too, though, is because they’ve been such a fantastic source of random learning, especially now that I’m years out of college/grad studies.  They quench my curiosity (is that even a proper saying? I’ll go with it) about any topic imaginable.  They, quite honestly, have inspired me on many fronts.  They’re free!  Etc…

So, a feature I would love to add to this wee blog is perhaps a weekly sharing of a podcast that really struck me, lately or long ago.  The kind of info tidbit I’ve already sent to my boyfriend and immediate family, brought up in conversations with friends, or felt compelled to record or mull on otherwise.  In essence, what you’ll hopefully find intriguing too, and that I’m still just itching to share!

Without further ado, my list of favorite long-time podcasts (I’ve had a relationship with this medium for over three years now), as well as a few that are up-and-coming on my faves rankings:

Cream of the Crop:


  • Amateur Traveler Podcast (Only on this list because I just adopted this podcast a couple of weeks ago.  Quite the quality travel podcast, though, so I’m guessing it will be promoted quite soon.)
  • Coffee Break French (and Spanish, for that matter)
  • Front Page (By NYTimes.  For some reason, I’d much rather listen to this for 6 minutes than spend that time scanning the front page of the paper.  To each his own.)
  • Global Guru (A random question about some aspect of a different nation each week.  Confusing sentence, straightforward awesomeness.)
  • Indie Travel Podcast (Same as AT)

Now, what am I missing?

P.S. If you are super new to podcasts, and literally don’t know where to begin, I suggest making your way to iTunes for a great collection of them (though they can be found on individual websites aplenty, as well).  Next step:  iTunes Store (found on the left side of your iTunes player).  From there, you’ll see “Podcasts” listed along the top of the store.  Click on that section, and I suggest you just go crazy with some browsing.  On the right side of the Podcasts main page, there’s usually a good list of top podcasts, and podcast networks, and that’s how I got going.  And once you get going with them, you just might be surprised to discover how many of your friends are closeted podcast lovers as well.  Happy searching, and happy sharing!

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