Neighborhood Guide: (Visiting) Davis Square

Funny enough, I write this post from well outside of Davis (by Boston standards, that is) – the other side of the river, right near Northeastern.  I found a fantastic new (to me) cafe and had time on my hands, so why not an adventure?

Still, I can see how, from all the way over here – either a several mile walk, two T rides, or a foray on the bus – one might not think to make it over to Davis.  “So far!” they cry.

I still say it’s worth it.  So, to supplement my prior post on the beauties of Davis Square, here are some points on making it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way across the river to my beloved ‘hood.  And in my favorite Who/What/When/Where/Why/How format, as learned in elementary school.  (You know you like the simple organization of that approach too.)

  • WHO you’ll find there? A lot more locals than tourists.
  • WHAT to do?  For studying (let’s say you’re struggling to find a seat in a Harvard cafe, cough cough), try Diesel if you’re reading, Starbucks or Blue Shirt if you need Internet (or delicious wraps, in the case of the latter). For a date (“Hey, I’m cute and interesting – I choose random new neighborhoods to venture to”), Redbones and put your name in early.  If the line’s too long, try local-ingredient-heavy pizza at  Flatbread, complete with the option of candlepin bowling.  Then go to a movie at Somerville Theatre, where you can even get beer/wine and homemade ice cream.  Or, if it’s more your style, go dance to a cover band in the back of the Burren, or catch live Irish music up front.  For shopping, Magpie (hipster craft store, people! You know you’re interested), Artifaktori (legit vintage clothing and knick knacks), Buffalo Exchange (for clothing interests that are a smidgen more modern), Goodwill housewares (I have taken a rug on the T in the name of getting great pieces to my home. You can too).
  • WHEN? As I said in my other post, just about any evening it’s lively and lovely. Good option for some alternative date/study/eat/people-watching.
  • WHERE? It’s on the Cambridge side of the river. On the red line, two stops past Harvard – really, just a 15-minute ride from Boston. Buses come through too – the 89, 90, 94, and 96. I would also argue that it’s not a bad walk or bike ride from most places either. Just don’t park your car there unless you possess lots of quarters.
  • WHY? OK, I liked sticking with the questions my fifth-grade teacher told me to include in all articles, but I think I’ve already explained “Why?” enough times.
  • HOW? Same.

Though this write-up is a bit shorter than the other, I just couldn’t commit the crime of complete repetition.  But just in case you missed the other, take advantage of a fine Friday night, and take your date/best friend/family of 5 to Davis.  Enjoy!

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